a farm to table dining experience | supporting individuals transitioning out of incarceration and addiction

Our first dinner of the season!

It was wonderful to see so many new faces at The Sage Farmhouse this past Thursday at our first Seven Harvests Dinner of the season

As guests arrived, they were ushered out to the farmhouse patio to enjoy a perfectly chilled, deliciously rimmed strawberry-basil refresher (see photos below). Once everyone had arrived and were seated inside, the meal was kicked off with what turned out to be a highlight for many- a smooth leek and asparagus soup handcrafted by Chef Tae with crispy kale, smoked salt, and avocado oil. The soup was followed by a pistachio-white bean coulis and thyme pesto with grilled house and rustic wheat bread and beet-pickled turnips and radishes.  Our main entrée was a creamy herbed polenta with roasted carrots, mollet egg, spring greens with a citrus vinaigrette and chive oil.  Before dessert, our guests cleansed their pallet with a mint sorbet and ended the evening with a decadent slice of vegan saffron cheesecake on a glaze of rhubarb nectar, lemon balm, and dusted with graham cracker

The night was truly a celebration of new life and new beginnings both of the earth and of the soul. In our fast-paced technologically driven culture, where so many people feel disconnected, we are delighted to celebrate together a return to connection between the land, local food, God, and a community of people committed to welcoming strangers in the margins of society.  

A special thank you to John Walsh, the newest member of our community, who shared his story with our dinner guests.  John spoke openly and courageously about his journey through alcoholism, his spiritual transformation, and the significance of now being a part of a community of people that treat him as an equal. 

To all who attended, thank you for joining us in celebration and support!

To those who would like to join us, please do on June 16 at the Sage Farmhouse in Media! Click here to register now.

All photos by: Erika Brunner Photography