a farm to table dining experience | supporting individuals transitioning out of incarceration and addiction


1. Are there allergy sensitive menu options? 

Our menu is created from what is locally and seasonally available. In an effort to provide you with the full experience, please let us know any food allergies at least a week in advance! We will do what we can to accommodate you. 


2. Are you a restaurant? 

Technically, no. We are a pop-up, gourmet, farm-to-table fine dining experience. Is that vague? We transform donated spaces into a fine dining event, and how we do it is a mystery. We're better than a restaurant. Come find out! 


3. What can I expect when I come to a dinner? 

An exciting five course meal prepared by a featured chef. You can expect to hear a quick word from us about our mission and purpose. Wondering what to wear? Fine dining, business casual or whatever you would choose for a nice night out is perfect. 


4. How much does it cost? 

Registration is forty dollars. But, this is a not-your-typical-rubber-chicken-fundraiser. All proceeds go to support the mission of Seven Harvests. Check out About Us to learn more about that. 


5. Where does the money go? 

In short, your generous donations are put directly towards an affordable housing community in the city of Chester in Delaware County for men transitioning out of incarceration and addiction. For a break down of how your money helps us, check out this blog post for the specific projects we are working on this year.  


6. Can I sit with my friends?

If you are reserving seats for more than just yourself, we would love to seat you all together. Let us know how big your group is and we'll try to arrange tables based on our space per event. 


7. Are you BYOB? 

Not at the moment!


8. What time is it and how long does it run?

The time varies per event. The evening typically lasts about 2.5 hours. 


9. Where does your food come from? 

We have historically sourced 90% of our food from Philly Food Works, Highland Orchards, Sankanac CSA, Ruth Bennett Community Farm and our local community gardens. Every menu item is made from scratch by our team.


10. Why not 8 harvests? Or 9? 

Because seven ate nine. Ha Ha ha ha, totally kidding. Our name is inspired by the seven sacred feasts of the Israelites in the Bible. You can check them out in the book of Leviticus.


11. How often do you do these? 

Our goal is to host four dinners a year, according to the seasons. To see exact dates and locations of this years events, see our event page AND REGISTER to come. We'd really like to see you there!


12. I have a cool space, how do I host a dinner? 

Send us a message! We'd love to hear more! 


If you have any more questions hit the contact us link and drop us a line.