a farm to table dining experience | supporting individuals transitioning out of incarceration and addiction

September 15

Sept. 15

6:30 P.M.


The Horlings'

213 Lenni Road

Media, PA


Park in the rear Glenwood Elementary School Parking lot.


Adam Bedenbaugh’s love for cooking began with his grandpa, who was a chef at a local country club. He was then overtaken by that love as a server at an Italian restaurant in college. Now he is a chef with Seven Harvest and Emmanuel, a food kitchen that serves about 150 people every Saturday in Philadelphia. He also cooks for his wife and the 2 pickiest eaters he’s ever met (his 2 and 4 year old girls).

For Adam, cooking and food has always centered around the table and community. It is the place where we all come together as equals. A place where we sit down and ask how the other’s day was. We learn and go beyond ourselves and explore what is at the heart of living in community and what it means to be more human.

We're sorry - this dinner is full!