a farm to table dining experience | supporting individuals transitioning out of incarceration and addiction

May 19

May 19

7 P.M.


Our very first Seven Harvests dinner will be a special one.  Not only will we be celebrating the first fruits of the harvest, we will also be providing a tour of the transitional housing community (the Negev) which is supported by your generous donations.


1008 Booth St.

Chester, Pa 19013


Park on Booth Street or around the corner onto 10th Street. There will be a parking attendant to help you out. 


Christopher Forrest is part of the housing community that Seven Harvests supports. He went through a twenty year struggle with heroin addiction, was incarcerated, and estranged from his family. He has found a sense of community and hope here in the Negev Life Sharing Community.


He formerly was a part of a Christian recovery program where he first experienced the joy of cooking for others.  He was inspired by how a well-cooked meal could bring relief and comfort to the less-fortunate. 


Christopher continues to serve the community of Chester through Hope Cafe at CityTeam and Greenhouse Ministries. 

Register here to attend our Seven Harvest dinner.