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Seven Harvests Beginnings

           In 2010, a small group of us started meeting regularly and talking about our mutual passions for food, cooking, agriculture, fighting poverty, and offering opportunities for those in our society with limited resources.  We came together with a collective experience working in prisons, homeless shelters, rescue missions, churches, and inner-city schools.  Consequently, from the start, we wanted to avoid an idealism removed from the daily struggle of those merely trying to survive.  We wanted to create a community committed to the potential of each person with a clear vision for wellness, wholeness, and healthy life rhythms amidst the chaos of life. 

            We take our name, Seven Harvests, from the sacred story of the ancient Israelites entering the wilderness after their emancipation from slavery.  Like so many individuals who have lived most of their lives in institutions, many of the Israelites were terrified of their freedom.  The story says that several of them longed to go back to a life of slavery rather than be free.  God then gave the Israelites seven sacred harvest festivals as a way to bring rhythm to their chaotic lives in the wilderness and as a way for them to remember their deliverance.

            It is our dream to carry on the tradition of the seven sacred harvest festivals by bringing individuals transitioning out of incarceration and addiction into a community of wellness, wholeness, and healthy life rhythms.  Seven Harvests offers individuals opportunities in natural gourmet cooking, sustainable agriculture, job training, and leadership development.  We host monthly farm-to-table dinners as a way to feature the talents of our community, celebrate our successes, and support and grow our work.  We hope you will join us at one of our dinners and become a part of our story.                             

- Raj Lewis

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