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Where does my money go?

So, where does your money go?


All of your donations go to directly provide affordable and dignified housing for our residents.  Secondly, your donations also help us expand and increase our impact.  Right now, we are expanding our housing commuity from one home to four homes to serve as transitional housing for men coming out of addiction and incarceration.  Your donations help cover the costs of utilities, taxes, and insurance.  This helps to keep the living costs low for our residents so they can have time to rebuild their lives without financial burdens that prevent them from getting ahead. 


It is our goal to be a sustainable and financially stable community.  We need your generous donations and faithful partnership to make this dream a reality.  None of your donations go towards staff salaries.  We invite you to come visit us so you can see firsthand how you are making a difference!  


Current Needs

  • old, stained carpet to be torn out of several bedrooms and wood floors underneath redone
  • replacing cracked bathroom flooring 
  • one house is completely gutted, we are working on capital to begin the project of renovating it