a farm to table dining experience | supporting individuals transitioning out of incarceration and addiction


About Us

Seven Harvests takes its name from the ancient Israelite's transition out of slavery into the wilderness. During their time of transition, many of them wanted to return to slavery rather than face the challenges of freedom.  They had grown accustomed to a life of chaos.  To keep them unified as a people, God gave the Israelites seven sacred harvest festivals as communal rhythms and reminders of their new life and identity. It is our vision to continue these sacred festival rhythms in the lives of men and women transitioning out of the slavery of chronic incarceration and addiction. 

Our Philosophy

Spiritually speaking, addiction is the soul's search for wholeness.  At the most fundamental level, men and women in transition out of incarceration and addiction need a vision for a life that moves to healthy life rhythms rather than chaos.  At Seven Harvests, we focus on basic healthy life rhythms of eating, sleeping, working, and resting without dependence on harmful substances.  We believe that the human life thrives when it is synchronized to sacred, cosmic, and biological rhythms, and we believe that these rhythms are expressions of God.  

Seven Harvests supports men and women in transition out of incarceration and addiction by:

  • Offering workforce development in a therapeutic and supportive environment and community.
  • Basic instruction in organic methods of agriculture, natural gourmet cooking, culinary skills, hospitality, and healthy life rhythms. 
  • A referral source for further education and employment.  
  • Individual counseling.

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